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Our Approach
Jett Capital has pioneered a 360° strategy for Investment Banking and Capital Markets Advisory. Our approach involves working with clients on nearly every aspect of their business including commercial strategy and business development. The symbiotic nature of the 360° platform not only enables commercial growth for our clients, but makes Jett Capital a more knowledgeable and effective investment bank when executing offerings and transactions.
Commercial Strategy and Development
We take a holistic approach to advising growth companies. Besides offering access to capital to promote your business’s growth, we provide a unique corporate advisory service that bolsters and strengthens your commercial strategy and development.

We are proud to work with management teams in refining their product development and sales strategies. From sourcing new clients and partnerships to mentoring executives, this external business development support helps growth-stage companies unlock scaling potential between funding rounds.
Partnerships & Joint Ventures
We connect you with the relationships that matter. From two decades of financing global metals developers to our in-house expertise in the mining and clean technology sectors, we have cultivated relationships with the most critical players in your space. Finding value and identifying synergies between businesses is our specialty. We seek to find partnerships for our clients that open doors to accessing the global market.
Offtake Marketing & Negotiation
We help secure the end use of your product. We have effectively negotiated and secured offtake agreements for companies across the battery metals space. During that period, we developed critical relationships with the global trading houses that want to market and sell your product. Whether you are financing your processing plant with a prepayment arrangement or just looking to market and sell your product, we understand the importance of finding the right partner.  We have the expertise to negotiate the most favorable terms and pricing for you.
Market Expertise
With two decades of advising across the natural resources space, we understand your market. Our team includes a diverse group of industry professionals. From proving out the resource of Tier 1 gold assets in Nevada to leading the global business development of the world’s largest battery manufacturer, we bring a hands-on, distinctive background that places you at the forefront of your industry.
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